The Internet of Things can make you a cup of tea ... in 11 hours or so

If there is one thing that the IoT excels at, it is making simple things more complex.  It opens up new toaster based DoS attacks and can turn the act of boiling water into a day long activity.  An English software developer had a very interesting time attempting to make his morning cup of tea and being a technically inclined individual he was not about to simply give up; instead he started troubleshooting the issue.  The issue started with the iKettle dropping its connection necessitating the rest of the of the base station for the kettle but escalated to the point it was interfering with the Hadoop cluster he happened to be running in his garage.  The Register captured his debugging trials in the search for a substance that was  almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.  To ensure that there was salt added to his wounds, his Hue decided to perform a firmware update later that evening.


"Our story starts simply enough: a kettle. The iKettle to be precise, an IoT device that is coveted by most INQ writers for reasons they cannot entirely explain."

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